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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Modulate will perform a live AV set at AVA Exhibition -Seeing With Sound  , at the Hexagon theatre MAC Birmingham on 22/03/2015.

Modulate member Bobby Bird has also been working with a group of home educated children to build a two and a three pendulum harmonograph.

Part of the live set will be based on this instrument.


Been a bit lax on the blogging, but heres a quick round up of selected highlight from 2012 to start to bring the pages up to date.


We did our own audio Visual Arts camping weekend in Hereforedshire more images here


We performed a retro Oscillate / Modulate set, in a geodisic dome at Shambala.
more pics/clps here

OZORA _stage

And some of us set off on a long road trip to Hungary, where Modulate member Bobby Bird played a Higher Intelligence Agency  live set at the amazing O.Z.O.R.A. Festival , in the beautiful thatched roofed ambient / electonic music stage

Retrospective post

Modulate performed at Supersonic Festival in the afternoon and, although we were very pleased to be there, we were surprised to discover when we arrived that the large skylights in the ceiling above the stage had not been blacked out – not an  ideal  situation for an audio visual group –  and it was too late to do anything about it. So, we did our set with bleached out visuals, &  feeling rather exposed by the light, as we like to not be seen and for audiences to focus on the sound and image, not on us.

However, the PA was magnificent, full use of the bass frequencies was made, & Bobby & the two Marks kept on having to rescue their laptops as they vibrated off the tables!

Perhaps Supersonic will have us back one day to play in the dark – that would be nice.

retrospective catch up post!

Live Cinema Performance Image

Modulate gave a live Cinema performance  at the Midland Arts Centre Haxagon Theatre as part of ‘Freecode Hexagon‘, performing as a three piece , Bobby Bird /Mark Harris audio,  Scylla Magda visuals.

We were surprised on arrival to find that the new speakers in the other wise rather nice little venue, had been installed behind the large drop down, permanent video screen –  making the sound  somewhat muffled . We therefore opted to have the screen rolled up out of the way and to project the visuals straight onto the dark wooden walls behind, in order to retain decent sound quality. This made for some interesting additional texture  & with some adaptations to colours / saturation etc, the visuals worked out surprisingly well.

Pete Ashton gave a nice review afterwards :

“Modulate did a gig at the MAC the other month which took my understanding of audio-visual art-music to another place. Theres a maturity and subtlety to their work which most VJ’s can’t hope to achieve, yet they still have the power to shock”