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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Frank Bretschneider, co founder of one of our favourate labels Raster-Noton, came to visit us in Birmingham on 31/05/2008, and gave an audio visual performance of his album ‘Rhythm’. …some more photos here on  Flickr 

It was a pleasure to host this event and we appreciated his taking the time to come to Birmingham, after his performance at the  ICA in London the night before as part of “12 years of Raster-Noton“.

Modulate’s Bobby Bird first made friendly contact with Frank after noticing his use of a Higher Intelligence Agency sample on his ‘ Looping 1-V1’ album, which he took as a great compliment!







Midlands based AV and digital arts collective Modulate have had a new piece of work selected for display in a uniquely designed construction called the [of] Capsule, which was recently showcased at Nemo Festival in Paris and Elektra festival Canada, and which will form part of an  Optofonica exhibition in Amsterdam in July

Developed in Amsterdam by Optofonica Foundation, ARCADI, and TEZ, the Capsule is designed to enable the viewer/listener of audio visual artworks to be immersed in a diffusion of spatialized and tactile sound – low frequencies are transduced directly into the bone system of the human body, converting the sound into hyper-perceivable vibration.

Modulate are currently planning to bring the Capsule to Birmingham as part of a micro AV festival in 2009.

 Modulate’s AV artworks have previously featured at the Austin Museum Of Digital Arts Texas, New Forms Festival Canada, Optofonica Festival Amsterdam, Mediateca Caixaforum Barcelona,  Sounds Electric festival Ireland and Sonar Festival Barcelona 


 Modulate collective member Bobby Bird will give two rare live Higher Intelligence Agency performances this summer, the first at  Muzyczne Ambient, a festival in Gorlice, Poland where he will headline, and the second at the Boom Festival in Portugal. 

After not playing live for a few years, spending time creating multi speaker installations and AV works with Modulate, bringing up a young son, converting a Dodge truck, building a new studio, and using his programming skills in projects such as last years PLUS installation  Illuminate , there seems to be something of a resurgence of interest in HIA. Last year he was invited to play at the prestigious Detroit Electronic Music Festival U.S.A