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Retrospective post

Modulate performed at Supersonic Festival in the afternoon and, although we were very pleased to be there, we were surprised to discover when we arrived that the large skylights in the ceiling above the stage had not been blacked out – not an  ideal  situation for an audio visual group –  and it was too late to do anything about it. So, we did our set with bleached out visuals, &  feeling rather exposed by the light, as we like to not be seen and for audiences to focus on the sound and image, not on us.

However, the PA was magnificent, full use of the bass frequencies was made, & Bobby & the two Marks kept on having to rescue their laptops as they vibrated off the tables!

Perhaps Supersonic will have us back one day to play in the dark – that would be nice.



 Modulate collective member Bobby Bird will give two rare live Higher Intelligence Agency performances this summer, the first at  Muzyczne Ambient, a festival in Gorlice, Poland where he will headline, and the second at the Boom Festival in Portugal. 

After not playing live for a few years, spending time creating multi speaker installations and AV works with Modulate, bringing up a young son, converting a Dodge truck, building a new studio, and using his programming skills in projects such as last years PLUS installation  Illuminate , there seems to be something of a resurgence of interest in HIA. Last year he was invited to play at the prestigious Detroit Electronic Music Festival U.S.A